Greenland Organic Farm is a small & beautiful garden producing some of the Himalayas finest leaf teas- TulifTea® & highland grown Arabica coffee - HimalayanArabica® in Nepal.
What We Produce ?

  Himalayan Orthodox Tea     Himalayan Arabica Coffee
Who We Are?
We are the producer of artisan tea and coffee in Nepal supported by farmer's cooperative and smallholders. We feel proud to be a farmer and we are dedicated to grow better crops.

We deliver some of the finest quality of organic Himalayan orthodox tea and arabica coffee from Nepal.

How We Grow?
Beside growing on our own farm, we work with smallholders, farmers’ group and farmers’ cooperative providing technical assistance with necessary tools, material support and buy back guarantee.

The first level processing at farm is being done by farmers under our direct supervision. We undertake the responsibility of further processing & post-harvest handling.

We pay fair market price and we maintain a joyful relationship with our associate smallholders and farmers group. We work together and that tastes a lot better.

Our Social Responsibilities
We feel good sharing some of our profits to support underprivileged children. When you buy tea and coffee from us, you are also helping us to help those needy children.

We are working with some of our hardworking partners like NEPAL 2010 who are dedicated to support needy children in Nepal for their education.

We are committed for the society and our promise continues.
Where We Are?
We are in Nepal, more than silver backing onto the Himalayas between vast territories of India and China. We belong to the enchanting land of Mt. Everest, the top of the world and the birth place of Gautam Buddha, the apostle of peace. You already knew Nepal for gorgeous natural beauties now know Nepal as the producer of some of the world’s tea and coffee.
Our Products